Don't let your ladybirds fly away!

Don't let your Ladybirds fly away, keep them at your home!

The Autumn period is the time Ladybird adults start looking for somewhere to spend the winter. They like to crawl into cracks and crevices. During the period up until about February, they live on their fat reserves. From February they start to feed again, at first on small insects in the area they are hibernating in or on algae. After February through till April/May they start to leave their hibernation spots. They emerge and disperse in the surrounding area to mate and feed on pollen and any Aphids they can find.

The Just Ladybird House and Just Beneficial Insect habitats are ideal structures for the purpose of providing hibernation homes for these insects, so now is the time to purchase them and site in your garden or courtyard. This will help you maintain your own population of Aphid and Greenfly control in the form of Ladybirds.

It is also a good time to clean out or buy Bird feeders in preparation for the winter months.